My name is Carolina Rocco, but everyone calls me Caro, and I’m the chef behind this Blog. I love cooking, sharing recipes and my best tips, and I love to see you guys making them too, being happy and sending me pictures!

I’m always sharing recipes from my instagram @caroroccos and here, but I also like to share with you kitchen utensils, restaurant recommendations and talk about any topic related to the world of gastronomy, I’m always happy to read your recommendations, data and experiences!

My pastry is a reflection of me. I was lucky enough to grow up in a house in Concepción that is surrounded by trees, nature and little animals, which continues to be my greatest source of inspiration. That’s why I love to add natural elements to my preparations and photos like flowers, and you will find in my photos things like plates with little animals or squirrel vases. I like to play in the kitchen and make the preparations look as beautiful as possible, and for the same reason I care a lot about every detail that goes into them.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I studied cooking and pastry at Le Cordon Bleu in London, where I graduated from the Grand Diplôme de Cuisine et Patisserie in 2012. In my family my parents didn’t cook much, but I started cooking by reading cooking blogs (like this one :)) and I fell in love.

As soon as I finished studying cooking, I studied Commercial Engineering, and graduated in 2018.

I love both my careers, but my passion is in cooking (especially pastry), it’s what makes me happiest. I love the creative process, I come up with a thousand new preparations to cook a day that I write down in an eternal list in my cell phone notes. Sometimes they work the first time, and other recipes require several attempts, but you always learn along the way. I really enjoy the whole process, but above all, decorating and making the preparations look pretty, I could spend hours doing that!

I worked for a while with restaurants as a commercial engineer, in an online reservation platform and gastronomic guide, and it was a very nice experience that allowed me to visit many restaurants in Santiago.

I took advantage of the quarantine time in the pandemic to (finally) start my blog and start sharing recipes. I had always wanted to do it but found a thousand excuses to postpone it, and I couldn’t be happier to have dared to do it. Plus, along the way I also fell in love with food photography and I love taking beautiful pictures of my recipes.

I hope you like my recipes and content! It’s all created with lots of love ❤️.

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